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Champagne Dial Diamond Watch For Women

Lady champagne dial diamond watch, small and exquisite used to describe a small, delicate and meticulous. No woman can refuse the temptation of bright is dazzing jewellery, if these treasures of strange stone is set on the senior watch wonderful artical excelling nature, are more is the perfect...

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The champagne dial diamond watch for women is small, exquisite and detailed. No woman can refuse the bright temptation to be dazzling jewels, not to mention the gems of these gems are set on high-end watches. This watch is wonderfully artistic and is the perfect symbol for the owner's noble status and status.

The metal part of this champagne dial diamond watch is made of 316L stainless steel. The basic requirements for water resistance are not less than 30 meters water depth. All of its movements have been tested continuously for 72 hours before assembly, and then they are ready to enter the production process. Therefore, each watch can meet the requirements of the world's professional watches.


Such a small and exquisite watch shines in the sun, allowing the wearer to follow the light and turn his attention to it. You have to admire the craftsman's craftsmanship and whimsy.

If the lady's champagne dial diamond watch is locked in a dark safety cabinet forever, you are always worried about whether a thief is stealing it. Therefore, from an economic and practical point of view, it should be worn on the hand to show its unique charm. We can't say that we can even have a watch with diamonds in our lifetime, even if we have it, how many times we have to wear it.




28mm x 8mm


Swiss Quartz Movement


Hours, minutes, seconds, and calendar displays


Rose gold plated material


Sapphire Crystal


Pearl white double diamond dial


Side 12 star watch ring


Italian custom calf leather strap


The butterfly clasp

Water resistance

>50 Meters
Please be informed that this rating is merely a guide. We do do not advise submerging or immersing any replica watch in water unless you have had your watch water-proofed by a professional. We do not guarantee the product's water-resistance and as such we do not refund, offer store credit, exchange or do a free repair on any watch that has water damage.

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