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Black Dial Fashion Diamond Watch

Black is considered to be the most fashionable color, but it has also been changed, as is the wrist watch, and the black wristwatch is everywhere. When a man wears a black wristwatch, the flirtatious character pops up, and it's no exaggeration to say that it's hard to get hold of it....

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Product Details

Black has always been considered the most fashionable color. Like a watch, black watches are everywhere. When a man wears a black dial watch, it will be steady and atmospheric, giving a feeling of honor.

Our black dial fashion diamond watch is made of fully matt black steel with a simple, generous line, rounded dial and mirrored look. The silver frame and black dial show a low-key and restrained temperament. If you look closely at the ears, the case, and the strap's more diffused angles, you can see that its lines are round and the round dial is jade-like, giving a quiet and mysterious charm.


Therefore, black watches tend to be more attractive in auctions and friendly deals, and in some cases will be higher than the same white dial. The black dial fashion diamond watch's built-in movement is available in hours, minutes and seconds to ensure that the wearer can easily read the time in any light conditions. Its precision is certified by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC).

The whole diamond watch is fashionable, which fully reflects the charm of men. And its belt is wear-resistant and durable, which has a long service life. It is also very easy to clean.




38mm x 8mm


Function setting of quartz machine core


Hours, minutes, seconds, and calendar displays


Solid steel case


Sapphire table


Inlaid diamond dial on right and left


Fine steel silver band


Double click the butterfly button

Water resistance

>100 Meters
Please be informed that this rating is merely a guide. We do do not advise submerging or immersing any replica watch in water unless you have had your watch water-proofed by a professional. We do not guarantee the product's water-resistance and as such we do not refund, offer store credit, exchange or do a free repair on any watch that has water damage.

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