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Antique Watch Collection
- Sep 06, 2017 -

An antique watch, not only has the realistic function of recording time, and its artistic adornment and exquisite craft more refracts its "birth" that era, that Folli Follie Urban spin Series watches a region's social and cultural background. Quietly appreciate, gently rubbing and playing, it seems to have entered the past that old age.

China is the first country in the world to invent and use timekeeping tools, and has written a splendid page in the history of world watches and clocks, which lays a good foundation for the collection of antique watches. In China, compared with porcelain, coins and calligraphy collection, the collection of antique watches, although started late, but the rapid development. The value of the antique watch is determined by the brand, the age, the surface, the dial and its digital model, the antique watches of more than hundred years are handmade, the existence is very few, the price is not expensive, far compared with the times antique, calligraphy and painting prices higher, with a great potential for appreciation.

Every collection has its own knowledge, and antique watches are no exception. The first problem is to ascertain the origin, age, quality, function, style and mechanical structure of the situation, patiently check the dial and the back of the movement plate, and the case, and so on, through its signature to decide whether to buy. The name of the table should be written exactly the same as the original, a slightly different problem, many of the dials are used to write and write the way to create.

Secondly, attention should be paid to its appearance, including whether the movement and axle is intact, whether there are cracks in the exterior, whether the accessories are complete, whether the travel is accurate, and choose the style peculiar, rare, or inlaid with jewelry, painted and enamel and so on, and preferably from the famous clocks, must not be light

Once again, the antique watch collection, like other collections, should select topics such as set names, foreign tables, sets of Chinese tables, art tables, and so on. Antique Watch collectors, should be collected in the last century 30 to 50 of the antique table is appropriate, because at this time the antique table is not only more style, and affordable, capital can bear.