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History of Watch development
- Sep 06, 2017 -

From the middle of 19th century someone will be time wall loaded belt, wearing on the wrist to start using, gradually improve, reduce the shape, beautify the style, develop into a watch.

The first watch in the world was made by Patek in 1868 to the Countess of Koscowicz, Hungary. But this form of clocks and watches was not popular at the time.

In 1904, a French businessman who operated jewellery, received a complaint from a pilot friend  that it was difficult to take a pocket watch out of his pockets when driving a plane, and hoped that he would help solve the problem so that he could see time on the way. So Cartier came up with a belt and buckle, the pocket watch tied to the hands of the method to solve the problem of friends. And this pocket watch, which is tied to the hand, is the present.

All kinds of Watches

Cartier officially commercialized this form of watches in 1911 and launched the famous Santos watch. Since then, watches have become popular.

After a century of improvement, the Swiss first made quartz watches in 1967, after the watch also by the manual/automatic winding form, the development of quartz, electronic and other power display time, and mixed with simpler other functions, such as timing, phase, measuring pulse, etc. modern watch watches add more complex features, Such as: Electronic hand account, MP3, mobile phone and other forms. Some watches also become a kind of hand ornaments, the emphasis is not on the display time, but in its design, brand, material (such as precious metals and diamonds) and other characteristics.


With the outbreak of World War I in 1914, the military was aware of the importance of the "free-hand" watch, which inspired the fervent need for the general public to wear a watch. In 1926, the first self-winding wrist watch was invented, and since 1960 the traditional round table was popular with people. Switzerland's further improvement of the watch is the miniaturization of clocks, calendars, tourbillon and Automatic clockwork, which are installed on the watch. An electronic watch was produced in the United States, France and Switzerland in 1952. In 1967, Neuch√Ętel's electronic Watch center developed the first quartz wrist watch, and in 1970 began to produce a large number of names in different Swiss brands. Since then, new technologies have started to develop rapidly, and the wrist watches of different brands have begun to develop rapidly.

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