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The watch is testing the pendulum with the instrument
- Sep 06, 2017 -

(a) The drop of the pendulum: the Watch in two states after 24 hours of Manying real walk, respectively, two planes (face up and down) and three vertical surfaces (lower, left, and upper) were measured, and the amplitude of the five positions was changed, and the maximum difference was compared with the same position. The pendulum drop is also an important indicator of the performance of the Watch and other time, and can also reflect the departure and the design and assembly of the quality of the gap, usually required to fall below 50 degrees.

(b) Swing amplitude adjustment: Watch in full string state, with the plane position on the face of the watch and a few vertical position compared to the maximum difference between the pendulum amplitude adjustment. The swing amplitude adjustment is also an important index of the position error performance of the watch, which usually requires that the flat elevation difference be below 50 degrees.

(c) Minimum swing of 24 hour elevation: The minimum amplitude of the vertical surface (usually left position) of the watch should not be less than 180 degrees after 24 hours. The watch is better than the low pendulum when it is in high swing, especially for watches with calendar attachments, the minimum 24-hour elevation requirement is particularly important.

The measurement of the pendulum amplitude of the watch is usually with the amplitude meter, which was produced in Switzerland in the early AM201 and GD-50 models. It is measured by the so-called "base angle method", so you must choose the appropriate balance angle of the measured watch before measuring. In the use of instruments to detect watches, a complete detection unit requires a school meter and amplitude meter. Before the maintenance of watches and clocks, only use the meter, only in the Watch factory can see the amplitude meter. It shows that we generally pay attention to the accuracy of the speed of the watch, and the pendulum amplitude and accuracy are equally important and interrelated, the technical indicators of the pendulum is not good, the difference between the peace of the big Watch, also must go bad. Especially in the calibration of balance, adjust the position error, we must refer to the pendulum amplitude, the concept of the pendulum to require maintenance personnel's Watch theory level is higher.