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Use of Watches
- Sep 06, 2017 -

For most people, watches are only for time, and quartz watches are not only very accurate, and stable quality, reasonable price, no wonder Quartz watch widely praised, become the vast majority of people buy watches when the only choice. Many people don't even know that watches are divided into quartz watch and mechanical watch. and mechanical watches need regular maintenance, maintenance requires rigorous technical requirements, unlike Quartz table is almost stereotyped replacement parts. However, why are so many people still addicted to the world of mechanical watches? Not only spend a locomotive or car money, buy a lot of people do not appreciate the watch, and even to dismantle the watch, study the watch knowledge, around the clock, and enjoy it? Actually, there are a lot of reasons, and for everyone, it's different. We might as well discuss it from several different angles.

Does the mechanical watch need to be maintained is too troublesome, in 21st century today still need to maintain watches?

There is no gain or loss in the world, just although! This is the truth of life. If we do not take care of ourselves, do not eat or drink, of course, we will die, because eating and drinking is the starting point to maintain life. Watches are man-made, and certainly not immune to the laws of the Earth's survival. It is hard to imagine and impractical for man-made objects to be exempt from this rule. Watches naturally follow this natural law-including maintenance. But also because the mechanical table has such with life and life body similarity, many people on the mechanical table to produce a similar affection, or even to the child or lover-like feelings, natural and treatment of large-scale production of quartz watch, the feeling of destruction is greatly different.

The quartz watch does not depend on manpower, can rotate regularly on the dial, it and human does not have the important interaction relation. In this sense, the mechanical watch is a descendant of the offspring of the human being's watchmaking, tradition and culture, and every quartz watch is only a cold object in the mass production of industrial processes.

The intimate dependence between the mechanical watch and the wearer is very subtle. From a technical point of view, there is a totally dependent relationship between the two, because no one wears it and the mechanical watch doesn't work. Whether you want to get on the chain, or whether you are automatically on the chain, the watch is motivated by the person who wears the watch in daily life. The operation of the mechanical watch depends entirely on human beings. For example, take time to maintain your mechanical watch, you can think of it as a true outpouring, love of life a way, many mechanical fans are keen on this feeling, enthusiastic maintenance.

Of course there are other relationships between the mechanical watch and the wearer, and your relationship with the watch is just like your car! Will the hand file be better than the automatic arrangement? Although automatic file scheduling may be more practical, but I like to hand out the file, because it will bring me a direct mechanical touch, creating a touch of the mind. For example, one of the characteristics of the mechanical table is sound, the card on the chain when the sound, each of the core of the card sound has a different taste. The delicate table core, multi-function complex core, the sound and the card sound, is quieter and more regular than the inexpensive table. Especially when you are using your hands, you will feel the intimate contact between the crown and the thumb and forefinger, allowing you to produce an ineffable heart throb.