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Watch and preserve the function
- Sep 06, 2017 -

1. High-level watches are value-added.

Some high-end watches are valued at more than $number each year. These products are small in size and of great value. A watch is easy to carry and store in the tens of hundreds of thousands of of millions, and is also easy to pass on. The main attraction of this feature is watch collectors and intermediaries, of which nearly half of the wealthy groups with more than 500 million yuan are buying limited editions of the Watch for collection purposes.

2. High-quality wrist watch, rich in cultural heritage, is the best "gift".

The high-end wrist watch, which is a collection of sophisticated techniques, is a work of art, suitable for viewing, collecting and business gifts. This is a big attraction for watch enthusiasts, a view that is particularly recognised in the high-end consumer sector, where assets are around 50 million yuan. When they give gifts to others, they will choose more famous tables as the high-end gifts for business activities, because they think that the famous brand's wrist watch is the representative of successful people, meaning meaningful, but also has a certain degree of preservation, the most susceptible to recipient side affirmation, is to show sincerity, express appreciation of the best way.