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Watch Craft Value
- Sep 06, 2017 -

Is the mechanical watch a perpetual art that can be handed down?

One of the valuable parts of a mechanical watch is the fire of life that can never be extinguished. The operation of mechanical watches does not depend on unique technology. The mechanical watch can be repaired and used repeatedly. Some of the first antique mechanical clocks, which were produced in the 14th century, continue to rotate with time and maintain normal functioning. The bell tower on St. Mark's Square in Venice has a history of more than more than 1000 years, but it is still a precise wobble for thousands of years!

The humanistic significance of mechanical table is more remarkable than quartz and electronic watch, it is that it is the traditional artistic representation of craftsman, not only the combination of parts and gears, but also the witness of craftsman's salary fire. Mechanical watches are the manifestation of human dreams and efforts. Also is the human rich creativity, the unique invention true confirmation. Most of these proofs and testimonies are in the way of the father's son. Back to the quartz watch, the mechanical watch is the art of life and soul.

Can the production of mechanical watches really be regarded as an art?

If you have any questions about this, we might as well take a look at the so-called classic masterpiece in the eyes of the watchmaker, Blancpain, to illustrate the difficult challenges.

What is the definition of a classic masterpiece among the watchmaking industry?

During the 400-year history of watchmaking, the watchmaking masters have created six masterpieces, all of which require excellent knowledge, complete mastery of technology, and complexity and difficulty, which are also enhanced by the sequence of masterpieces listed below. Other factory cards may have made one or two of these six classic masterpieces, in 1988, Blancpain decided to showcase all the "tests" of the art, and to launch the six masterpieces to show the ability to create masterpieces at all times, and to accept the most difficult challenges the watchmaker could imagine.