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Watch holiday Meaning
- Sep 06, 2017 -

During the festival, people always choose to send their beloved watch to express their love, representing their own heart couples on the table Cowherd Bridge, as China's most traditional and most romantic Valentine's Day, the expression of love needs ingenious ideas. Choose a pair of pairs of tables, love to write in the wrist.

Many brands have launched their own couples on the table, in order to create a romantic atmosphere, Casio wrist watch introduced fashion couples on the table, will be elegant and bright Sheen series and sports passion Edifice series creative combination! Show your favorite wrist style. Give the child, record his growth in dribs and drabs, let it feel thick love and expectation; to parents, carved that can not be words of love, let the word of the missing and sentence of the care of the parents to take a deep blessing to lovers, for their writing romantic love letters, the oath of loving, let love warm up; give friends, Can carve your friendship story on the form, or some whisper, or a few intimate words, will deepen the friendship between friends, to customers, will be closer to each other's business friendship, to become the best gift customers cherish long-term.