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Diving Watch
- Sep 06, 2017 -

The so-called diving table, by definition, refers to the waterproof treatment, for diving use of watches. The General waterproof table does not use to dive, the diving table must conform to the strict stipulation, does not have the waterproof strong enough to be called the diving table. Diving table standard Waterproof performance of at least 200 meters deep water standards; the bezel is provided with an outer ring that rotates in a single direction to measure diving time; divers tend to be in dark water, so the pointer, scale, or surface of the dive table is usually coated with fluorescent material to make it easier for users to read the time. 

Common Diving table brands are: Rolex, Finnish song Tuo (Suunto) Element series Shui Shui diving table, Omega Seahorse ploprof Series diving table, Hao ya competitive dive series, universal table Ocean Time Meter series, Blansacar Super Submarine series and so on.