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Watch Chrome Alloy Series
- Sep 06, 2017 -

Chrome Alloy Series But you don't have to rush into the bank and sell your car to buy your favorite watch. Stainless steel, chrome-plated watches have been popular for years, and they have been a fashion choice. Although they are not at one level with your boss's $13000 Breitling, it is also fashionable and, more importantly, affordable. It is usually a metal strap, matched with a matching surface and clasp.

Chrome Alloy Series

The square-shaped watch is increasingly extreme in performance, especially chrome-alloy watches. This style of watch has a very beautiful new feeling--the dark blue surface, it is compared with the steel's true color. In addition, there are other colors: charcoal ash, light gray, pale brown, black and white.

The advantage of a chrome or stainless steel watch is that it looks elegant enough in a formal setting, while relaxing enough at leisure.

This kind of watch has many brands to choose from: TagHeuer, Swissarmy, and even Swatch is good. Swiss watch maker Swatch in the 1980s because of the popularity of plastics and sports watches, now his production line has been producing chrome alloy and stainless steel watches, just using the irony brand.

Sports options when it comes to sports watches, you have more choice than the top-grade watches. The sports table has gone through a long march from the age of black, electronics and plastics. For a long time, Casio's g-shock was popular, and Nike joined in with its dynamic watch. Influenced by the diving culture, Nike's Typhoon has a rubber band that can be waterproof or automatic (useful in those days of special laziness).