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Watch Purchase
- Sep 06, 2017 -

If you wear a watch to be correct, you must first understand the watch and be good at choosing a watch. Choose a watch, often should pay attention to its kind, shape, color, pattern, function and so on five aspects.

(1) Depending on the standard, the watch can be divided into many different kinds. In social situations, people tend to differentiate their species according to their price. According to this standard, watches can be divided into luxury table, high-grade table, mid-range table, low-grade table, such as four categories. In terms of the price, luxury table prices in more than 10000 yuan, high-grade table between 2000~10000 yuan, mid-range table between $number yuan, low-grade table below 500 yuan. Choose the specific types of watches, first of all, do not do the wrong thing. In addition, we must also take into account the personal occupation, appearance of the occasion, the object of communication and other clothing selected at the same time a series of related factors.

(2) shape watches are often related to their value and grade. The watches worn in formal occasions should be dignified and conservative in modelling, and avoid strange and trendy. Men, especially the venerable and the elderly, should pay more attention to them. Novelty and Fancy watches only apply to girls and children. Generally speaking, round, oval, square, rectangular and diamond watch, because of its solemn shape, conservative, the scope of application is very wide, especially suitable for formal occasions to wear.

(3) Color selection in the formal occasions wear the watch, its color should be avoid miscellaneous messy, generally should choose monochrome Watch, double color watch, should not choose three or three colors above the watch. Whether it is a monochrome watch or a two-color watch, its color should be clear, noble and elegant. The Golden Watch, the Silver watch, the Black Watch, namely the dial, the case, the strap has the gold, the silver, the Black Watch, is the ideal choice. Gold case, strap, milky dial watch, also can withstand the test of time, in any age wear will not be outdated.

(4) In addition to the figures, trademarks, factory name, brand, there is no need to appear on the watch other no effect of the pattern. Choose a watch that is used for a formal occasion, especially to keep this in mind. If the design of the watch is strange and varied, it is not only harmful to use, but may be a joke.

(5) When the function is recorded, it is the most important function of the watch. Therefore, the official occasion of the watch, whether it is a pointer, jump word or timekeeping, should have this function, and should be accurate to the time, minutes, can be accurate to the second is better. Only accurate to the time of the watch, obviously does not meet the requirements. Some additional functions, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction, blood pressure, step speed and so on, are dispensable, and to do nothing good. In short, the function of the watch should be few, and have practical value.