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Watch Variety
- Sep 06, 2017 -

Electronic Watch

The basic part is composed of electronic components. The working principle of electronic clocks is based on the physical phenomena of "electric magnetism, magnetism and electricity". That is, from electrical energy to magnetic, and then from the power conversion to mechanical energy, drive time needle operation, to achieve the timing.

Transistor balance Sheet

is to use the dry battery as the energy, with the transistor as a switch, the balance of the balance of the system.

Quartz watch

Is the use of "quartz crystal" as an oscillator, through the electronic frequency divider to control the motor operation, driving the pointer, high precision. Electronic needle gauge. It is the combination of the electronic movement and the quartz movement, both electronic display and hands walking instructions. Such movements are the T250 movement of Citizen (Citizen Miyota Co., LTD).

Light meter

The light kinetic energy meter receives the "Standard Time" radio waves emitted from the tower through a watch-built radio receiver and antenna, which automatically corrects the time and date of the watch by capturing data such as time and calendar. The standard time signal is based on the theory of a high-precision cesium Atomic watch, with a 100,000-year error of one second. Citizen's Electric Wave Watch all uses the light kinetic energy technology, uses any visible light source as the energy drive. As long as there is light there is energy, as long as you can receive the radio waves will never have errors.