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Working Principle Of Watch
- Sep 06, 2017 -

Watch working principle, the watch is used to indicate the time of a precision instrument, the principle of the instrument is to use a constant, continuous vibration vibration system as a standard. If you know the time that the vibrating system takes to complete a watch's full vibration (vibration period), and calculates the number of vibrations, then the time that the vibration has undergone so many times is equal to the vibrational period multiplied by the number of vibrations. That is, time = vibration period x Vibration times

The pendulum axis Gossamer manipulator table uses the balance spring as the vibrating system, the 1 is fixed in the swing axis 2, the pendulum shaft's upper and lower axle neck quilt is in the bearing, may revolve around the bearing. The end of the gossamer Part 3 is fixed on the pendulum axis and the other end is fixed on the splint. The elastic deformation of the spring makes the movement of the balance wheel turn from rotation to reciprocating motion. The balance of the balance spring system in the swing by the bearing friction, air resistance and the internal friction of the spring, such as the impact of movement resistance watch, the amplitude of the oscillation (amplitude) will gradually decay, and finally until the stop is not moving. In order to continuously vibrate without decay, it is necessary to replenish the balance of the balance system periodically, that is, there must be an energy device in the watch. The periodic addition of energy to the vibrating system is achieved through a special mechanism of one by one escapement. The escapement mechanism is also used to calculate the number of vibrations in the balance-spring system. Therefore, the balance of the gossamer system and escapement mechanism is the key device of the manipulator table.