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Swiss Brand Casual Watch for Mens

The watch is a concentrated expression of a man's life style. Men usually show their fashion and taste only from watches and pens (ballpoint pens), wallet, belts and leather bags. But since wallets, handbags tend to be a bit of a drag and a woman's fashion, masculine choices tend to be...

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The watch focuses on the lifestyle of a person. Wearing a watch usually reflects a person's strong sense of time. This Swiss brand casual watch for mens is made in strict Swiss. It uses a high-tech and stylish phenotype. Bring it, watch your time with your watch, not only elegantly, but also pass on your punctual quality to others.

It shows a refined, sophisticated and elegant style which is suitable for tall white-collar men. The appearance of the watch is quite fashionable, its watch glass is smooth and clear; the outer corner of the case component has no sharpness, and the coating has no bubbles and does not fall off.


IMG_4344.JPGThe fine-grained engraving process implicitly demonstrates its high end. The Swiss brand casual watch gives the bold and creative mechanical watch a precise and beautiful feeling, which makes the watch combine fashion and calmness, highlighting the combination of fashion and soul. Although it is only a simple timing tool, the watch masters incorporate their romantic feelings into the little watches that represent their craft according to the latest standards.

Each of our watches has undergone rigorous waterproof testing to ensure everyday use. Its leather watch band shows a free and individual personality for all occasions.




41mm x 11mm


Asian 2824-2 25J Automatic movement at 28800vph


Hours, minutes and seconds display


Engraved solid 316L stainless steel case


Scratch-proof sapphire crystal


Black dial


Engraved stainless steel bezel


Brown leather strap


>50 Meters

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