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Swiss Waterproof Diamond Watches

If you are a dancer, if you are a natural person, the three must-have reasons for buying this form: fashion, elegance, fashion, and gift giving. Women should treat themselves better, buy themselves a watch, give themselves a beautiful, four colors for choice, dress up themselves. The dial is...

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Product Details

There are three reasons to buy this waterproof diamond watch: stylish, elegant and practical. Women should treat themselves better, through buying a watch for themselves, and wearing a beautiful and practical ornament for their hands to dress themselves up. This dial is made from natural deep sea pearl shells, each of which is shaped according to the design of the sky. As the light changes, it presents a different color and beauty.

The beautiful appearance, excellent function and excellent wearing comfort combine with each other in this swiss waterproof diamond watch, showcasing women's extraordinary fashion tastes.


The swiss waterproof diamond watch is just one of your accessories, but it is a must. This watch allows an elegant and stylish moment to bloom on your wrist. Its unique luminous function allows you to appreciate its beauty even in the dark. Dozens of red, white and purple diamonds face the surface of the shell, and match the Italian leather strap to give you a comfortable enjoyment.




33mm x 10mm


Mechanical core - automatic mechanical core


Time, minute, second time display


Solid stainless steel case with scratch-proof sapphire crystal on case back


Synthetic sapphire crystal lens


Natural deep-sea shell, dandelion with diamond set dial


The red and white are separated by a unidirectional rotation frame


Italian leather belt


Pinhole clasp

Water resistance

>30 Meters
Please be informed that this rating is merely a guide. We do do not advise submerging or immersing any replica watch in water unless you have had your watch water-proofed by a professional. We do not guarantee the product's water-resistance and as such we do not refund, offer store credit, exchange or do a free repair on any watch that has water damage.

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