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Titanium Band Waterproof Diamond Watches

Waterproof watches, the innovation of the unique image, popular style, combining with the real life of fashion, with high quality and durable material, and fashion line, create personal unique waterproof drill table. The metal belt waterproof diamond watch, the noble image often appears in the...

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Product Details

The titanium band waterproof diamond watch has a unique and innovative image and a popular style. Our craftsmen combine high-quality and durable materials with stylish elements to create their own unique waterproof drill. Metal strap waterproof diamond watches often appear in the world of fashion magazines, television, billboards and other media.

This titanium band watches are popular in the fashion world and are well received by the industry, becoming a must-have item for fashion people. They represent the perfect accessory to match any outfit.


The titanium band waterproof diamond watches have been distributed all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and more than 70 countries and regions. Its varied style fully demonstrates the characteristics of modern thoughts. The watch case with the original ultra-luxury watch is a great gift and is loved by people. As a designer and manufacturer of top watches, we bring high-end quality watches to new areas. These series of colorful watches cannot hide the excellent watchmaking craftsmanship and first-class design.

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23mm x 8mm


Quartz core type


Hour hand, minute hand display


Solid stainless steel case with scratch-proof sapphire crystal on caseback


Synthetic sapphire crystal mirror


Small pearl white dial and extra-large minute pin


Rotate the four large diamond-encrusted watch rings


Rose gold watch band


Butterfly clasp

Water resistance

>30 Meters
Please be informed that this rating is merely a guide. We do do not advise submerging or immersing any replica watch in water unless you have had your watch water-proofed by a professional. We do not guarantee the product's water-resistance and as such we do not refund, offer store credit, exchange or do a free repair on any watch that has water damage.

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